About Us

A role to inform, advise, advocate and provide oversight

Chris Maidment, Chair and Peter Smith, Vice Chair.

The LEAG is concerned with matters relating to the growth, success and development of Crawley’s economy. The purpose of the LEAG is to:

  • Inform policy development and delivery as it relates to the economy, particularly that of the borough council but not exclusively.
  • Facilitate a common understanding between public and private partners of what needs to be done to encourage and support local economic development.
  • Foster an atmosphere of openness and trust to identify opportunities and overcome barriers to local economic development.
  • Be an advocate for the local economy by representing the interests of the local economy to other individuals, organisations and partnerships as appropriate.

In particular, the LEAG has a key role in the development and oversight of the Borough’s economic priorities and the Crawley Growth Programme . In this context, the LEAG provides a cross sector role for key partner updates and acts as a critical friend to ensure the actions of the local authorities reflect the importance of business, economic success and sustainable growth of the town.

For more information about the role and purpose of the LEAG see our Terms of Reference.